I first considered blogging about my experiences after completing my graduate program and encountering the all-too familiar question of “So what did you study?” The curiosity, skepticism, and interest with which my answer was received made me realize that not many people actually know what it’s all about. I didn’t, until I went to school. And it got me thinking: wouldn’t it be helpful to have a sort of field guide, in plain English, explaining the cool, unheard of, or totally weird facts about my career choice?!

With that, welcome to my blog re: all things library. Here you’ll find general posts on topics varying from questions I get to technological trends & tools in libraries, my reviews on books I’ve read (children–YA–adult… I aim to read widely), and any other curious things that I discover in my studies.

A couple of navigational notes:

“Search For…” tab: you’ll find a collection of links to online reference sources that I’ve found very helpful for explaining seemingly complicated things on any topic (usually technological) in very simple language (answers to my “What the heck is this?!” kind of questions), or that I’ve found to be valuable information sources in some other way.

“Look what I’ve found!” (sidebar): some very fun blogs and sites that I’ve discovered during my trek across the Internet that I just want to share, not necessarily library related.

Wander, Read, & Enjoy!


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