Review: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens

Dinosaurs vs. Aliens
Dinosaurs vs. Aliens by Grant Morrison
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Background: I am an aspiring graphic novel, comic book, manga reader. I picked up this title based on the title alone (really?? Dinosaurs “vs.” aliens??), and the beautiful cover art was a bonus.

Essentially, I thought/think this work is beautiful in terms of both its concept and the art. I really like how the story interprets the theme of colonization through this fantastical context, and especially how it visually depicts the dinosaurs with cultural decoration (literally with headdresses, warrior paint, beading, etc.).

The artwork is beautiful. I’m a big fan of realistic illustration and I love the detail and fusion of colour that the artist transcribes into each pane and the varying use of clean lines and jagged frames to articulate the scenes.

I think that this work is a springboard for the reader’s imagination, offering a very interesting look into a clash of cultures in the context of survival. Given the mature subject matter and occasional graphic violence (there are dinosaurs, and there are aliens, after all), it’s definitely a novel to be appreciated by the young adult-adult crowd. But the artwork! That, for me, is one of the main appeal factors.

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